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Dear Feminist (The Aftermath)

I received a depressingly predictable response to my post last night from a plethora of people who seemingly only read the words “feminist” and “calm down.”

My point was clear: stop just losing your shit on the people who are trying to understand and help us understand.

But again, the knee-jerk reaction by the angrier feminists (please note this specification) exposed the misdirected blind rage that’s rife within the movement. Was I telling the movement as a whole to calm down? No. Was I generalising all feminists as being angry? No. Was I ‘making it about me’? What the fuck does that even mean? Also, interestingly, a lot of folk assumed it was directed at women. I don’t recall specifying genders.

All I want is for the world to be a better, equal place. If that means pissing a few people off and telling the folk who are actively halting progress to stop being a fucking prick then so be it.

Save your rage. Equality isn’t a secret little club that only you get to know the password to.

- Thomas Ridgewell

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