Dear Feminist (The Epilogue)

So earlier today I lost my cool [link] over feminists reacting badly to those with good intentions. Twice [link].

One Tumblr user compared my frustations to “telling us to put our weapons down when we’re being attacked.” In reality, I was saying “stop shooting at us, we thought we were on the same side!”

I regret nothing about what I said or how I said it. I learned a lot from the reactions of those I inspired and those I offended. I appreciate and understand the ideology and the frustations of the movement a great deal more now - something I haven’t been able to truly grasp through literature alone. I am wiser and humbler.

During my ranting a fair few folk responded with “it’s not our job to explain this to you, do your research.” I found this kind of bizarre and lazy. What specifically do you want me to research? Just saying “do your research” is comparable to telling someone to try and understand Christianity by “reading a testament.” Which one? Old Testament or New Testament? Big difference. But I read every response I received and now hopefully hold a greater grasp on the subject.

I guess, most importantly, I understand a little better where the aggression comes from. YouTuber and Tumblr user TheUnwashedMass digitally sat me down and explained a few things to me which helped a great deal. I recommend watching his video.

So thank you to everyone who chipped in to the discussion. Like all great conversations, it started with a “fuck you.”

- Thomas Ridgewell

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