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First World Problems

So I’m angry.

What? TomSka? You’re angry about something? No way!

Yes way, sarcastic representation of my audience.

A little while ago I was approached by a pretty sizable newspaper here in the UK, the London Evening Standard. They said, and I quote:

"My editor was very interested in Eddsworld and would love to interview you for a piece in our features pages about your friendship with Edd Gould and any current and future projects."

Amazing! I’ve always wanted to make some noise about Eddsworld and tell mine and Edd’s story. Almost every media appearance I’ve ever made has been a rinse and repeat "you can make money off the internet!?" story so you can imagine how exciting it was to actually talk about me, my story and my awesome friend.

Before long the journalist came over, sat in my office and interviewed me. We had a great discussion which I believe ran well over an hour. I told her about how I met Edd, how Eddsworld began, the cancer, the grief, the fundraiser, the amazing support our viewers gave us, the charity work, everything. It was just so refreshing to talk about something more than money. I mean sure, we briefly touched on my finances, I had to explain how I can afford to produce Eddsworld for free and still survive (by the way I lied on the fundraiser, I don’t take any pay from making the show).

All in all, I felt great. I felt like a human being.

We exchanged emails after the interview just to get facts right, I wanted to make sure that this time Paul ter Voorde was properly credited as the show’s animator and not me. This is far from a one man show.

So then the piece ran..



"The Tom Ridgewell show: the 22-year-old making £10,000 a month from his bedroom on YouTube"

The entire article was about money. Money money money. Specifically the money I make producing content for TomSka, my other YouTube channel (something we spent only 5 minutes covering in the interview). Once again it was the incredibly uninspired "man makes money from his job!?" story.

Why is this news? Yes, I make a decent living off YouTube. I make content that a lot of people enjoy and it allows me to live comfortably and invest in making better stuff. I work hard at a job I’ve been passionate about for the past 13 years and it paid off. But why is this news?

Why do people think it’s okay to make a headline out of my finances? Why do people even care? Why is it necessary to specify that I wear a hoodie!?

Once again I’m left feeling like I should be ashamed of my wellbeing. These articles don’t make me look good or feel good. They make me look like someone who gamed the system and who sat down in an interview just to say "hey baby look how fat my wallet is ;)."

It makes me look like a fucking asshole and it puts a divide between me and my audience. Much like it does with my friends sometimes, it makes people treat me like I couldn’t possibly understand or relate to them because of my financial situation which is fucking bullshit.

Basically.. Fuck it. I make my content for you and me and I’m done trying to befriend the traditional media and the real world in general. If they don’t give a shit about the human beings creating the content and just about how wacky it is that they actually make a living then I don’t give a shit about them.

Fuck it.

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    One of the many reasons I love Tom…he was also unbelievably nice when I met him in New York :)
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    Fuck the media…one of the reasons the media sucks. Always the money with the media…