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The Story Behind the asdfmovie Songs

Aside from being a fun way to dip into the back stories of the more popular characters from my asdfmovie series, the song are, in all honesty, advertisements.

Back in 2011 I was frantically fighting to get out of a shitty contract I’d signed with Hot Topic. Essentially I’d asked them if they wanted to sell my stuff in stores and after working together to create some awesome designs this is what they put in stores. Please note that this was the reference material I sent them. Are you fucking kidding me?

The shirts were obviously a huge flop (pun intended) and didn’t sell at all. I made £300. £300 from Hot fucking Topic. I had to fight quite aggressively to get myself out of that contract and by the time I succeeded we were 4 asdfmovies in and I had zero merchandise. I was absolutely broke after spending all my savings on paying off my student loans. I needed money or I wasn’t going to be able to move to London and keep up this whole YouTube thing.

Luckily I was introduced to Brandon, a nifty straight-talking dude who said he could set me up a store on SharkRobot.com and help design my shirts. Within a couple days we had a store full of designs but… No way to tell the people that it existed! With the hype of asdfmovie4 winding down I knew we needed to act fast to get the word out. The fans were upset that the I Like Trains kid hadn’t made an appearance so… We gave ‘em what they wanted!

I had only recently begun working with Todd ‘LilDeuceDeuce' Bryanton, my composer, and we agreed that if co-wrote and produced a song for my channel for free he could release it on iTunes and keep all the revenue it generated. This quickly became the basis of our entire professional relationship.

I approached Joshua ‘Zeurel' Palmer with the song and, as he always did, very quickly produced the perfect animatic (animated storyboard) set to the song. The full animation was completed only a handful of days later. Damn he's good.

With everything ready, the video went live and bam, people were buying shirts, downloading Todd’s music and subscribing to Josh’s channel. Everybody won! … Except your wallets. At least you weren’t naked anymore though!

Since then we’ve honoured the most popular asdf characters with their own songs to raise awareness of the store and thank Todd for all of his wonderful music. Thank you, Todd!

Also it’s worth noting that Ben ‘Wonchop' Smallman has pretty much exclusively taken over the role of asdf-animator having animated asdfmovie4, asdfmovie6, asdfmovie7, asdfmovie: deleted scenes, Mine Turtle and now Everybody Do The Flop. He’s a bit of a hero.

In short, all hail to Todd and Ben! Also Brandon. Also Josh.

Buy a shirt <3

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